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1.2.1 X 29 January 2004 15,179 Main Site This release is mostly an update to documentation. There are no new features or bugfixes. Contains an update to the updateDB script so it now honors the "quick_check" configuration option, reducing bandwidth usage. Includes a contrib/ directory with a script that makes it easier to update the FICC host DB from a FICC target.
1.2   23 November 2003 19,981 Main Site Adds the "quick check" option for hosts, allowing FICC to only download the remote MD5 executable instead of the tripwire executable, config file and database. This results in huge bandwith savings.
1.1   18 October 2003 19,623 Main Site Fixes possibly unsafe use of fork(), adds feature to email admin even if no changes are detected, more robust parsing of output from tripwire
1.0   30 July 2003 19,150 Main Site First public release
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