13 May 2005: A much-needed website overhaul. No new releases of the software or content on the webpage, just doing some HTML cleanup.

29 January 2004: FICC 1.2.1 released. This release is mostly an update to documentation. There are no new features or bugfixes. Contains an update to the updateDB script so it now honors the "quick_check" configuration option, reducing bandwidth usage. Includes a contrib/ directory with a script that makes it easier to update the FICC host DB from a FICC target.

23 November 2003: FICC 1.2 released. This version introduces the "quick check" option. If this is set for a target host, FICC only downloads the MD5 executable from the target host, instead of the Tripwire executable, config file, and database. If FICC finds that the remote MD5 executable is unmodified, it then uses the remote MD5 executable to verify the integrity of the remaining files. This results in a huge bandwidth savings.

18 October 2003: FICC 1.1 released. I've been using FICC in a production environment since August. It has been very stable in the environments I have used. Keep in mind, this does not mean that it has undergone intensive testing. Any feedback you can give as to success or failure will be highly appreciated.

30 July 2003: FICC 1.0 released. This is the first public release. This software may detonate on you. You have been warned. This is extremely new software. I can't make any guarantees it will work for you because I'm the only person who has tested it (to my knowledge). Reports of your experience with FICC, good or bad, would be very helpful.

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