Grilled Hamburgers




  1. Preheat the grill for high heat for 15 minutes. While grill is heating, mix together the beef, garlic, olive oil, Worchestershire sauce, salt, pepper, basil, and egg in a medium bowl. Divide into four balls (tightly rolled) then flatten into patties of whatever thickness the guests prefer.
  2. Transfer the patties to the grill on a "dirty plate," meaning a plate that once the patties have been moved onto the hot grill you don't put anything back on that plate.
  3. Cook the patties for 3-5 minutes on each side with the lid closed. The internal temperature should be at least 160°F/70°C. When there is 1-2 minutes remaining on the final side, place cheese slices on the patties to give them time to melt. At this time you can place the hamburger buns face down on the grill to toast them.
  4. When the burgers are done and hamburger buns are toasted, remove them from the grill onto a "clean plate" and serve immediately.

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